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Wallace Park Tennis Club

Recreational Junior Programs
Levels: Beginner - Intermediate

Spring Clinics

Spring Clinics are offered during the months of May and June. It's a 6 week program consisting of a one hour lesson each week. The lessons will begin the first week of May and end in the middle of June (weather permitting). Students are grouped by age and ability and are assigned a time Saturday mornings between 9am-12pm. It is a 6:1 Student/Instructor ratio. First opportunity to sign up is during the Registration Days in April. If you miss the Registration Days you may sign up over the phone or by email (905-599-8097) or

Cost: $70 (students must be members of the club to participate)(H.S.T. Included)

Summer Camps

Summer Camps begin the week of June 17-June 21. Camps will run weekly through the summer with the last week of camps being held August 26 - August 01. Camps run on all Holidays throughout the summer.
Camps are suitable for ages 5-15yrs. All aspects of the sport are covered throughout the week (fundamentals, strategy, game play). Camps will run from 1:30-3:30pm each week. If any weeks fill up we will then add a morning session from 11:30-1:30, which will then be offered to afternoon paricipants as well. To sign up you need to fill out an application form (view/download here) with cheque and mail it to the address on the form, drop it off at the club or return it to along with an eTransfer to the same email address. In the event of rain, rain cheques will be issued and the day can be made up during another week. To check the status of a class (if the weather looks questionable), updates will be left at phone number (905) 599-8097.

For Camp availability please click here

$120/week (H.S.T. incluced) prior to June 1st
$130/week (H.S.T. included) after June 1st


Competitive Junior Programs (Academy)
Levels: Advanced

Pee Wee Pro's

The starting level of the Academy. Participants have either been identified from Spring Clinics, Summer Camps or have been assessed and deemed appropriate. Typically the age or these players range between 8-10yrs.

Junior Tournament Squad

Players in this program are actively playing in, or preparing to play in tournaments. They have either graduated up from the Pee Wee Pro's or their level has been assessed and deemed appropriate. The age of the players in this group can range between 10-15yrs.

Sr. Tournament Squad

The majority of players that have attended the Senior Tournament Squad over the years have recieved NCAA Division I & II athletic scholarships. They are active in tournaments and have committed themselves to the sport.


These programs run almost everyday throughout the spring and summer at Wallace Park. Depending on the program level, kids can attend up to 4 days per week. The majority of our Academy players continue in our program year round.


If you have an advanced junior who is interested in participating, please email to set up an assessment


Adult Programs
Levels: Beginner - Advanced

Beginner's Clinic (Level: Beginner)

New to the game of tennis? No problem, this clinic is for you. Participants are taught the basics of all strokes over this 4 week course.
Day/Time: Mondays 12-1:00pm
Duration: 4 weeks
Cost: $60

Strokes Clinic (Level: Beginner to Advanced)

The strokes clinic is designed for any level of player to brush up or improve their strokes. Each stroke is covered in the 4 weeks and plenty of tips and advice will be handed out.
Day/Time: Wednesdays 221:00pm
Duration: 4 weeks
Cost: $60

TenFit (Level: Beginner to Advanced)

This is a fitness class disguised as a tennis lesson. Plenty of running and a ton of balls are hit in this intensive 1hr. class.
Day/Time: Fridays 11am-12pm or Fridays 12-1pm
Duration: 4 weeks
Cost: $60

Intermediate Doubles Clinic (Level: Intermediate)

The Doubles Clinic focuses on applicable doubles skills, strategies, shot selections, and positioning.
Day/Time: Mondays 11am-12pm and/or Fridays 1-2pm
Duration: 4 weeks
Cost: $80

Progression 1 Clinic (Level: Beginner to Intermediate)

This clinic is designed for the beginner to intermediate player. They are 4 week sessions that begin in May and end in September. Classes cover all strokes and include game play.
Day/Time: Fridays 7-8:00pm
Duration: 4 weeks
Cost: $60

Progression 2 Clinic (Level: Intermediate to Advanced)

This Clinic is geared towards intermediate to advanced players. They are 4 week sessions that begin in May. Strokes are addressed, however, emphasis is on skills and point situations.
Day/Time: Fridays 8-9:00pm
Duration: 4 weeks
Cost: $60


Private Lessons

Private lessons are available with several pro's at the club. Private lessons are the most effective way to learn. Students generally see the most dramatic improvment when taking Privates because the individual needs of the player can be determined and addressed. To book a private, times are coordinated between the pro and students. Contact Bobby Armitage to book privates with any of the pros (905-599-8097 or

Private Lessons...............................................$60/hr.
Semi Private lessons (2 students).................$70/hr.
Group of 3........................................................$75/hr.
Group of 4 or more.........................................$80/hr.


Wallace Park T.C.

245 Reynolds St.
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4348 Longmoor Drive
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Cedar Springs H, R & S

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