Wallace Park Tennis Club

Where is Wallace Park located?

Wallace Park is located in Southeast Oakville, just blocks from downtown.

What Junior programs does the Academy offer at Wallace Park?

The Academy offers both recreational and competitive level programming at the Wallace Park location. Most of the players in the competitve program moved from the recreational programs. If you are new to the club, and have a child who has received coaching elsewhere, we can assess them and determine which programs they are suitable for.

  • What programs do you offer for the Recreational (beginner to intermediate) level juniors?

  • Spring Clinics are offered during the months of May and June. It's a 6 week program consisting of a one hour lesson each week. The lessons will begin the first week of May and end in the middle of June (weather permitting). Students are grouped by age and ability and are assigned a time Saturday mornings between 9am-12pm. It is a 6:1 Student/Instructor ratio. First opportunity to sign up is during the Registration Days in April. If you miss the Registration Days you may sign up over the phone or by email (905-599-8097 or bobby@oakvilleacademyoftennis.com).
  • Cost:
  • $70 (students must be members of the club to participate)(H.S.T. Included)

  • Summer Camps begin the week of June 17-June 21. Camps will run weekly through the summer with the last week of camps being held August 26 - August 01. Camps run on all Holidays throughout the summer.
    Camps are suitable for ages 5-15yrs. All aspects of the sport are covered throughout the week (fundamentals, strategy, game play). Camps will run from 1:30-3:30pm each week. If any weeks fill up we will then add a morning session from 11:30-1:30, which will then be offered to afternoon paricipants as well. To sign up you need to fill out an application form (view/download here) with cheque and mail it to the address on the form or drop it off at the club. In the event of rain, rain cheques will be issued and the day can be made up during another week. To check the status of a class (if the weather looks questionable), updates will be left on the club phone (905) 845-7649.
  • Click here to see camp availability.
    $130/week (H.S.T. Included).
  • What Competitive level programs do you offer to juniors?

  • Wallace Park has produced some of the countries best junior tennis players over the past 15 years. What makes the Academy unusual is that these champions were grown organically from within the Academy's structure. Starting as beginners in the Spring Clinics and Summer Camps they progressed into the competitive Academy programming. This programming runs almost everyday throughout the summer at Wallace Park. Depending on the program level, kids can attend up to 4 days per week. The three levels of competitive Academy programming are Pee Wee Pro's, Junior Tournament Squad and Senior Tournament Squad. The majority of players that attend the Senior Tournament Squad recieve NCAA Division I & II athletic scholarships. Players interested in trying out for any of the Academy's competitive programming need to make contact with Bobby Armitage by phone or email (905-599-8097 or bobby@oakvilleacademyoftennis.com).

What Adult programs are offered to members at Wallace Park?

Adults can participate in Progression 1 or Progression 2 Clinics depending on their level of play.
Progression I Clinics are designed for the beginner to intermediate player. They are 4 week sessions that begin in May and end in September. Classes run on Friday evenings from 7:00-8:00pm. An "overflow" class will be held Tuesdays from 9pm-10pm if necessary. Classes cover all strokes and include game play.
Progression 2 Clinics are geared towards intermediate to advanced players. They are 4 week sessions that begin in May. Classes run on Friday evenings from 8:00-9:00pm. An "overflow" class will be held Tuesdays from 9-10pm if necessary. Strokes are addressed, however, emphasis is on skills and point situations.

You can sign up at either Registration Day, over the phone or by email at any time (905-599-8097 or bobby@oakvilleacademyoftennis.com).
$60 (must be a member of club to attend)(H.S.T. Included)

Are private lessons available? If so, how much do they cost?

  • Private lessons are available with several pro's at the club. Private lessons are the most effective way to learn. Students generally see the most dramatic improvment when taking Privates because the individual needs of the player can be determined and addressed. To book a private,.times are coordinated between the pro and students. Contact Bobby Armitage to book privates with any of the pros (905-599-8097 or bobby@oakvilleacademyoftennis.com)..
  • Cost: (H.S.T. Included)
  • Private Lesson $60
    Semi Private Lesson (2 students) $35/person/hr.
    Group of 3 $25/person/hr.
    Group of 4 $20/person/hr.

Is there any additional information I can receive about the club?

Most of the clubs information, including when the Registration Days will be and membership costs, is published in its annual newsletter. A copy of the 2065 Newsletter can be viewed here. The 2016 Newsletter also includes a membership application form. If there are any questions you didn't find answers to, please feel free to contact Bobby Armitage (905-599-8097 or bobby@oakvilleacademyoftennis.com).

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